Edgy TEEN Q&A with Piper Reese & Universal Studios Hollywood’s Day of Giving! | InsPIPERation #006

Hey Guyz! Lots of Questions and lots of answers on this special 6th episode of InsPIPERation! We’re jumping all over the place with questions, from how I deal with hate (and haters) to fashion and what inspires me. It’s a bit of a mix. My clothing inspiration comes from Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl, but my favorite TV shows run from glittery shows like Hanna Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place to dark shows including Vampire Diaries, Charmed (the original…I mean, the name is “Piper”), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Sabrina (original and new). Plus, Francescas! (I’ll leave it at that!)

Plus, Parker is doing interviews!?!? WHAT!? I couldn’t make it to Universal Studios Hollywood this year for their amazing Day of Giving (and Natalie is in the middle of a bunch of senior stuff), so I sent none other than my brother Parker to cover for me! Universal Studios Hollywood has an amazing Community Relations department! We thought they were just about marketing to neighbors…ToTaLLy off! This year, they had about 300 homeless children from LAUSD (that’s Los Angeles Unified School District – the largest school district in the United States) visit the park and get all of their school supplies, plus shoes, minions and more. They’ve got a ton of other events throughout the year too. Parker spoke with a bunch of organizations involved with helping homeless children. I’ve got links below if you want to get involved (earn some great community service hours) with organizations from Parker’s interviews and help some really sweet kids.

Operation School Bell:
(323) 469-1973

LAUSD Homeless Education Program:
(213) 241-0761

Assistance League of Los Angeles
(323) 469-1973

Universal Studios Hollywood Community Relations:

Who is your best friend?

FIash MSP (YouTube):
#insPIPERacion ❤️ i love you’re videos? Question: did you ever skipped school? ? Lyy @spiicyanss ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Aurianna Boles (YouTube):
What’s ur favorite show? Mine is vampire diaries

Jenziexfav (YouTube):
Who’s your crush?

@athen_allan_Walton (Instagram):
Who or what inspires you?

@alainstudios (Instagram):
Have you been a Voice Over?
Have you interviewed voice actors?
Have you interviewed anyone from SNL?

@Zurie_the_gymnast_fan_edits (Instagram):
How do you deal with hate?

Andrew_thegamer (Instagram):
Where is your job?
Thank you so much for sending in questions for #InsPIPERation! Keep sending ‘em in!

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