Craziest Relationship Questions: Answered! | InsPIPERation 003

Hi Guyz! OK, so we’ve been really busy on the Piper’s Picks episodes, but this week, we’re catching up on InsPIPERation! We’ve got 7 big questions and some big answers! You guys have been sending some really amazingly detailed and tricky relationship situations including dating older guys, BFF crushes, and best friend’s boyfriends! So, stand by and I’ll try to get through them!

For those of you who have questions I’m answering, just notice how similar some of your situations are and know that you’re not alone! Other people are out there going through the same thing…or something very similar!

Keep the questions coming…this isn’t only for relationships…and definitely, please let me know whatchya think of #InsPIPERation!?

0:08 Mae’s Galaxy:
Piper I’m having some major boy problems you see my friend likes this guy and the guy liked her back but she found out I’ve liked him for a long time so she rejected him but she keeps telling him she said no because a good friend of hers likes him. so my dilemma is if I tell him I like him he’ll know I’m what made her say no, but I really like him and he is a good friend of mine what do I do???

1:08 Brandon Swader
What is your Favorite Social Media?

1:41 Alexxa Ong
What will I do if my crush has crush on my bestfriend?

2:20 iLuvBMTH 2004
What are your tips for being more outgoing and having more friends #inspiperation (love this segment)

3:11 Julia Kramer
I love your videos so so much. My question is: Can you fall in love because a boy looks into your eyes?

3:46 Philip Gipson
Hello, Piper. How do you keep yourself #insPIPERed? 😉

4:38 Theodora
Hi Piper! Look. I have a problem. My best friend (girl) likes a guy and that guy doesn’t feel the same way. Actually, he likes me and I do not like him and it’s weird. What do I have to do? Pleaes help me!
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