What is the Piper’s Picks® Approved Certification Mark?
Over the past four years, kids, teens, tweens, news outlets, entertainment industry insiders, and even adults have turned to Piper’s Picks® for high energy, 100% positive entertainment.  Retailers, restaurants, and hotels have asked us over the years to talk about products and services.  Kids constantly write to Piper and Pipers’ Picks asking for advice on all things from fashion to food to even family issues (we can’t certify that last one)!  The certification mark is our way of supporting products that match our mega-high standards for excellence, positivity, and, of course, PiPeRiFiCness!


What Makes Piper’s Picks certification different?
Nobody here is removed from kids products and entertainment.  We’re a small team of kids and parents from very specialized disciplines.  The parents are professionals with many years of experience in the entertainment, retail, legal, marketing and hospitality industries.  We know pop-culture, tech-culture, and what’s fun, exciting and infused with positivity for teens and tweens.  Piper’s Picks knows entertainment…we produce it!  Products that earn our mark rise to a different standard than any other mark.  We’re looking for huge passion products and destinations catering to tweens, teens and kids.  Something that earns our mark is PiPeRiFiC in every way.


How is the Piper’s Picks certification earned?
We review every product, service, restaurant, hotel (or other destination) first hand.  Our standards are extremely high and very subjective (see the guidelines below).  We’re not considering only safety results, sales charts, or other objective standards.  OUR NAME stands behind anything we certify.  We’re going on 5 years of scrutinizing every second of every video, every comment, every Tweet and every post that goes out from Piper’s Picks because we know our demographic.  If something doesn’t feel like it has the positive spirit and passion for doing good that we strive for, it will be turned down.  You can rest assured that everything that earns and maintains our mark is something we 100% feel comfortable with.


What are the requirements to qualify for Piper’s Picks certification?

General requirements:
PiPeRiFiC (the FUN factor):  Products, restaurants or destinations must spark interest, imagination or excitement for young adults or children.

Distinctive: Exhibits features that set the holder apart as innovative, educational, or significantly different in some way.

Reliable: Deliver on all claims in advertising and packaging.  Must perform as promised.

Ethical and Moral:  All about making a positive impact and making people smile (our focus from day one;  inclusive of people from all backgrounds and cultures.

Safety Concerns:  The Piper’s PIcks® certification must not be used as a conclusive indicator of a product’s safeness.  We are not a product safety review organization and do not conduct scientific testing.  However, if we are aware of, or recognize, any immediate safety concerns in our review of a product or service based on our other guidelines, use of the certification mark will be rejected.


Additional requirements:
Clothing and Accessories (as per Piper):  Must be sparkly, colorful, crazy-fun or very stylish.

Toys and Electronics:  Innovative, educational and fun.  We’re looking for passion behind the product.

Foods: Foods must appeal to young adults or children and consist of high quality ingredients that help promote healthy eating habits.

Restaurants: Must provide a great family experience and a wide variety of fun foods for kids.  Cleanliness is critical!

Destinations:  In addition to providing an experience incredible enough to be considered a destination for young adults and kids, resorts must exude excellent customer service, extreme cleanliness.


How do I submit a product, restaurant, or destination for review:
You may contact TeamPiper [at] PipersPicks [dot] TV with the name of your product, service or destination as well as your corporate name and contact information.


Which products and services are ineligible for Piper’s Picks certification?
We do not offer certification for: medicines, home security systems and devices; infant/toddler car seats and restraints; pool toys, flotation devices and swim aids; insurance services; financial services; products unintended for use by children; schools; camps; or repair services.

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