James Mangold Exclusive Interview: Actors, Storytelling & Building Worlds

Piper with James Mangold (and a few characters from his movies)

James Mangold is a storyteller, world-builder & big believer in actors. Before the announced Indiana Jones, Juliet & Crenshaw, he directed Wolverine; wrote, produced & directed Logan, Girl Interrupted and so much more. This interview is about actors & movie magic at the CAS where Mr. Mangold was presented with a Cinema Audio Society Filmmaker Award by none other than Harrison Ford! (See my interview with Mr. Ford here.

It was an honor and a pleasure to speak with James Mangold on his special night! The insight he went into in here is invaluable to actors, producers, writers, set designers, and anyone else interested in movie making and the entertainment industry. It’s inspiring and down-to-earth. The sparkle in his eyes showed how much the event meant to him. 
Let me know whatchya think!
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