Harrison Ford: Actor interview with a Legend!

We’ve interviewed amazing actors over the years. A few are even A-Listers. Fewer…are legends! An interview with Harrison Ford is truly an interview with a legend! As an actor and a host, I’m so MeGa-excited I am to share the one and only exclusive Harrison Ford interview question from this year’s Cinema Audio Society Awards! 

We’ll go through some movies you know Harrison Ford was in (Blade Runner, Star Wars, Indiana Jones) and maybe a few shows and movies you aren’t so familiar with! (Did you know he made an appearance in Kung Fu?) OH! Yes, there are bloopers and outtakes at the end too…LOTS of bloopers!

CAS Awards 2020 was an amazing event because of the heart behind it. You could truly see how much the recognition meant to the award recipients! On top of that, we had a great group of press around us. (It’s always nice to have supportive colleagues.) 

We’ll have a few more episodes from the CAS Awards soon! Stay tooooooned!

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Thank you so much for watching, guyz!
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