300th Episode: I Grew Up on YouTube (and Turned Out OK!) Inside Info & Unseen Clips from 12 Years!

Let’s Talk! I’m a Gen Z girl who grew up on YouTube and Turned Out OK! Nearly normal! I’m here w/the Piperazzi in Episode 300 & stating my13th year as a YouTuber explaining how I grew up on YouTube for the past 12 years by being both a YouTuber & intelligent (yes at the same time)! We’re talking education, production, comedy & BTS celeb info from over the years in 53 minutes of insider-only content, never seen clips and bloopers. This episode is dedicated to our viewers who grew up on YouTube and fans of the show! We’re uncovering deep dark secrets! It all leads up to the start of our 13th year in production making people smile with super high-energy all positive content! ?

Inside stories, unseen video clips and pics with Ariana Grande, Bella Thorne, Selena Gomez, Josh Sussman, Big Time Rush, Jennette McCurdy from iCarly and more from over the years are packed into this super-extended special edition episode! Plus, TeamPiper is here!  Adam, Natalie and Parker talk about their favorite memories from the show. I’m discussing what your favorite celebs were like back int he day!

Thank you SO much to so many of you who write to us on YouTube, social media, and even through eMail. We hear from a lot of people who were kids watching back when we started and are adults and out of college now. It’s so awesome and soooo surreal since this all started when Piper was only 7. Almost nobody her age was even on the Internet at the time and nobody was doing an online entertainment news show! We didn’t even know to call it that back then! 

We’ve always done this show to make people smile by having fun and staying 100% positive and real!

Thank you for all of the support through our first 12 years on YouTube! Now…On to Year 13! 
Thank you so much for watching, guyz!
?PiPeR ReeSe & Adam Feinsilver (Producer, Dad, Proud member of TeamPiper & the Piperazzi)

If you love the bloopers from this episode, we recommend watching Piper’s Picks Episode 25: Piper’s & Bloopers!

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