Sofia Wylie from Andi Mack Goes to Sing and WHAT Happens!?!?

Sofia Wylie from Andi Mack Goes to Sing and WHAT Happens!?!?

FIRST of all, Major HuMoNGoiD CONGRATS to the Andi Mack cast and crew on the 2ND SEASON pickup (as IF anyone even doubted that one happen)! Number one show, as we predicted, in like every girl-who-can-read demographic through tweens.

So, there we were at Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2017 and, not only were Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Asher Angel there too, but so was Sofia Wylie (aka Buffy)! We almost…didn’t release this one because it went a little off course when we were stopped in the middle from singing by someone’s Dad! Almost! (Nope, not that Dad you’re thinking!) We thought we’d have to cut too much out. BUT, Sofia Wylie is so real and MeGa-Sweet every time I see her that we didn’t want to do that. TeamPiper decided to leave the whole Daddus-interruptus in for you guyz to check out. Why! Well, as Roger Rabbit would say…”’Cause it’s funny!!!!”

OK, admitted, this sentence is only here for people who either love reading our descriptions or like not clicking play. Seriously! Go watch! it’s sweet…and cute…and yes, for our old-school PiPeRazzi, it’s very #PiPeRiFiC, baby! Yeah!?

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