DEADTIME STORIES – Behind the Scenes & CAST Interview Along Came a Spider HD (SPOILERS!)

YEAH BABY We’re kicking off a mini-series of DEADTIME STORIES cast interviews RIGHT HERE…RIGHT NOW starting with ALONG CAME A SPIDER cast members JONATHAN MORGAN HEIT and C.J. VALLEROY!  Beware viewers, there are SPOILERS ahead!  Don’t miss the BIG premiere of the show on October 3, 2013…NICKELODEON, of course!  Check out our special Deadtime Stories link for CONTEST info! You can win a book you pick from the series AND get your video posted on!

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38 Comments on “DEADTIME STORIES – Behind the Scenes & CAST Interview Along Came a Spider HD (SPOILERS!)”

  1. Thank you so much! Be sure to watch Deadtime Stories again next week! I’ll be on both episodes! 🙂

  2. That was good I didnt know he’s cubby, my neice loves jake & the neverland pirates, and deadtime stories is really good

  3. We have been following Piper for many years now and find all of her interviews very informative. We cannot wait to see the show. Go Piper!

  4. Dear Piper: don’t like spiders. but I do like Spider-Man. Tobey Macguire and the classic comics only. 🙂

  5. Just looked her up and she’s already following us on Twitter – followed back! We’ll have to check her out!

  6. Thank you, Charly! The first one was going to be a movie, but it’s actually a series! Premieres on the 3rd!

  7. CJ VALLEROY and JONATHAN MORGAN HEIT spill DEADTIME STORIES SPOILERS from “ALONG CAME A SPIDER!” CAST INFO and BEHIND THE SCENES from the PREMIERE NIGHT episode! –> DEADTIME STORIES Nickelodeon Behind the Scenes CAST Interview Along Came a Spider (SPOILERS!) <-- Nickelodeon

  8. you are the best at interviewing the stars Piper keep up the grate work you make it so much more interestingand even the stars seem to enjoy your interviews so much more then with others LOVE IT

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