OMG! NICKELODEON is going to CASTLETOWN, baby!  It’s the SuPeR MeGa-HuMoNgOiD RETURN of the FULL LENGTH PIPER’S PICKS TV SERIES!  There’s some MAJOR catching up to do!!  We’re talking NEW WEBSITES (yup, that’s plural!), NEW NICK SERIES, NEW CONTEST…and NEW GUEST!  ANNETTE CASCONE and her sister, GINA, wrote DEADTIME STORIES…like…17 BOOKS of DEADTIME STORIES! (Yeah….ya got some reading ta do!)  NICK is ToTaLLy gonna pwn (own for those with less geek-cred) Halloween 2013!  They’re blasting out their newest FrEaKy series in YEARS!  We’ve seen the episodes – there’s nothing like this on a network you’re watching.  So, the Princess of the Press™ is blasting out questions on everything from how casting and writing is done to what to watch for and even…info on PIPER REESE’s alter ego…NANCY PATANSKI!  THAT’S RIGHT!  Piper is actually IN DEADTIME STORIES!  Wait ’til ya see what happens with NANCY is thrown into the mix!  You’re still reading the description?  SERIOUSLY!?!? </span>


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  1. well princess of the press super mario 3D world is coming out in 2 months Pokémon X & Y Is on october 12 finally Pokémon the series XY is the 19 on cartoon network

  2. Awweee…thank you SO much, Kelsey!!! Jarid is very PiPeRiFiC. He’s so nice and a really good actor! You’ll be seeing him on Piper’s Picks! Thanx again!

  3. Hi Piper You Rock I Have Been Watching Your Show Since 2010 I Has Watch It From The Beginning From The New One You Rock And You Are Lucky

  4. DEADTIME STORIES FIRST LOOK BEHIND THE SCENES at the #Nickelodeon show with ANNETTE CASCONE by #Piper Reese!! Ultimate Interview! Check it out, guyz! Spoiler free! #DeadtimeStories #jenniferstone #spoiler #exclusive #Hollywood #halloween #scary #fun

  5. Hey Piper! This is so cool that you got to work with one of my Youtube friends! He’s been telling me about everything he has tried out for and it’s cool to know that’s he on the show! His name is Jarid, and I’m guessing you know him since he was in the video haha. You have a really good personality and that’s major in acting. I hope to see you on other shows or movies! 🙂

  6. hi piper this is great I can wait to see deadtime stories 🙂 and Please see my video singing a song just like you on my channel please 🙁

  7. Hi H&C!! Thank you soooo much! I so glad you’re going to watch! Annette is really smart & sweet!

  8. GREAT job, Piper! Loved Annette’s comment on gross scary. vs “smart” scary… totally agree! We are looking forward to watching this show with our friends! Good luck <3 H and C

  9. Haha! We haven’t done the long series interviews in a while! The last two were Savannah Outen…and Cody Simpson. I had a lot to say!

  10. you are very cool and u r piperific and awesome and I love you doing all the interviews and I wish I can be like u some day

  11. Thank you! It wouldn’t be fair to say that Deadtime Stories will be the best show on Nick….but it willlllll beeeeeeeee 🙂 Seriously!

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