HOLY PIPERONI! BOTH ARMIE HAMMER and CORBN BLEU in one ToTaLLY PiPeRDeLiC episode! 2 of the NICEST guys we’ve seen on the red carpet! We’re talking Broadway, American icons, Silver vs. Scout…and even singing some Fabulous High School Musical music right in the middle of Disney’s California Adventure! Check it out and follow the PRINCESS of the PRESS™ @PipersPicksTV on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Kik, maybe Tumblr (still playing with that one), Ustream…and Youtube, of course!

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  1. Cousin Penelope! 🙂 🙂 In YouTube search “piper icoaster” – you’ll find out who Penelope is – she’s awesome!

  2. Is your real name piper, cause on one of your featured channels it said some place on a comment that some ones name is Penelope Reese. I was just wondering:)

  3. Thanks again!!! Well, we started over 5 years ago, so we’ve been producing the shows now longer than all of the shows in production on Disney and Nick. I think we talked about the start on our other channel, WhatUpPiper (the vlog) – but we were just interviewed by Microsoft/MSN about the start – we’ll be posting links on Twitter and Facebook (both are PipersPicksTV)

  4. Yeah, I can really understand, Taylor swift is probably really really busy, being on tour and stuff, and also your pretty busy as well. your 12, cool I’m turning 12 on December 14th!! yeah, btw, how did it start, how did you start meeting famous people? Pretty lucky though!!:-)) Tanks for writing me that nice note!!

  5. Thank you soooo much for the SUPER-SWEET note (and sorry it took some time to reply – we’ve been overloaded this week)! We’d LOVE to do a longer interview with Taylor! As you can imagine, she’s pretty hard to set up interviews with – so hopefully soon! It is fun meeting new people! Oh – and 12 in this episode!

  6. Hi piper, I LOVE YOUR VIDDIES, your soooooooooooo cool!! maybe one day you could do a longer interview with Taylor swift, pretty please with a cherry on top, I know your pretty busy though!!!!!!!!!:)) please subscribe to my channel I don’t have vids but soon I will love ya piper, your soo prettyp.s how old are you I’m saying 11,twelve 10 thanks p.p.s your soo lucky meting all famouse people!! I’m so happy for you!:-)

  7. Piper Super Smash Bros. is a nintendo Fighting crossover game that u knock characters out of the blast line . Also What up piper request from your Gmail + isabella palmieri from jessie So watch the SSB reaction/15Th Birthday Video I’ll Send U Via Gmail @ProjectPikachu

  8. Parker does have a 3DSXL 🙂 Nintendo hasn’t shown us why we should get a Wii U yet :-/ They should have us handle that for them 🙂

  9. Piper Super Smash Bros. Is Here So You & parker & I can talk About It On google+ together for discussion Look Up Your Gmail for my Message I sent U Buy a Wii U Basic For $249.99 if u raise money & pre-order Super smash bros from Amazon Also Get A 3DS XL & 3DS for your bro For Super Smash bros. For Nintendo -3DS From, Gabe (@ProjectPikachu)

  10. Thank you, Toni! They were both SuPeR NiCe! Did you see the one with Tara Strong? I thought you’d like that one because she does sooooo many voices! <3 PiPeR

  11. You Look Good Your are Wearing Blue Eyeliner From Team Piper Next Interview isabella palmieri P.S don’t throw Your Lipgloss on the floor Put It in your pocket Or Makeup Bag Purse Okay PS look Up Your Gmail New Message From Me

  12. He REALLY is – Totally focused on the interview and really awesome answers. SO glad we got to talk to him!

  13. Good Job Piper Look Up Your Gmail For What Up Piper & Super Smash Bros

  14. Despicable Me 2 should’ve been your pick. It was waaaay better than any other movie out this weekend.

  15. If you ever meet him or Megan Nicole again, will you tell them I said hi?

  16. We have some MAJOR catching up to do on those, don’t we!?!? OK – working on it!

  17. Hey piper when are you going to be doing a regular episode of pipers picks again?

  18. piper you have done it again that was the best work you have done and so far you make it look awesome.

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