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  1. Great balls of PIPER! ; Do you all,especially by now realize that the year of our lord 2013 marks Piper`s Picks TV`s 5th year-long anniversary?! How did i figure that out? 2008 +5=2013; this is your 5th anniversary on the information superhighway,the international internet in cyberspace! You do the math; and may God bless you with 5 more years as the lord tarries in Jesus’ matchless,mighty name! Remember God loves you; he really does; happy anniversary!

  2. Hi!I’m Mitsuki.I love u Piper.I’m following u on twitter and u following me too!My acount is @MITSUloveASHLEY .I hope u read this then send me an email.I support u from Japan!I’m looking forward to watching it everytime!

  3. Hi!I’m Mitsuki.I love u Piper!I’m following u on twitter and u following me too!I hope u read this then email me plz♡Support u from Japan.I’m looking forward to watching it every time!I wanna be ur account is@MITSUloveASHLEY !

  4. HI piper! I hope u can read this. I follow u on twitter and you follow me. My name is @gabrielleheld . Can u plz email me??? My email is . CAN U PL SKYPE ME??? me skype name is . Can u plz send me an autograph? Email me piper, and i will give you my address in an email. Plz email me a personal email sometime if possible! <3 u! 😀 🙂

  5. Hi. My name is Angelika. I’m live in POLAND. And I love you so much. I hope you read this letter. Please call me on my skype: [removed for privacy] That’s skype my mum JANINA LABUDA but now it’s my. Love you. Call me.

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