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Piper Reese is the 13 year old host of the #1 Tween/Teen Entertainment Show, Piper’s Picks TV! She’s the youngest entertainment reporter and interviewer on the the planet and youngest podcaster in cyberspace! The show is available at www.PipersPicks.TV, iTunes, Yahoo! Video, YouTube, etc! We’re all about super-high-energy and fun! Piper has recently interviewed Jennette McCurdy (iCarly, Fred: The Movie), Victoria Justice (Victorious, Zoey 101), Lucas Grabeel (High School Musical series), Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly, Drake and Josh), AnnaSophia Robb (Race to Witch Mountain, Bridge to Terabithia, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Because of Winn-Dixie), Isabella Fuhrman (Orphan), Christina Baranski (Chicago, The Big Bang Theory, Ugly Betty), Jake T. Austin (Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place), Allisyn Ashley Arm (Disney Channel’s Sonny with a Chance), Josh Sussman (Fox’s Glee, Disney’s Wizard’s of Waverly Place,Nickelodeon’s Drake and Josh), James Cromwell (24, ER, My Own Worst Enemy), Hungry Girl’s Lisa Lillien, Aria Wallace, the star of Nickelodeon’s Roxy Hunter movies and iCarly and many more awesome people!

Piper integrates comedic sketches and character acting into her reporting on Piper’s Picks TV. The sketches generally involve bizarre situations such as: helping E.T. return to his ship after his return to save Drew Barrymore; introducing new students to Hogwarts as a second year prefect; and mistaking Disney’s Tower of Terror for the Tipton Hotel during a botched attempt to interview Zack and Cody.

Characters created for the show include: “Captain Pipe-Arrrrr” (a pirate who commendeers Piper’s show), “Penelope” (Pipers identical twin cousin from Texas-a nod to the “Patty Duke Show”), “Witch Wilomena Piperwell” (a reference to the T.V. show “Charmed”); and “The Well-Known Anonymous Informant” (played by Piper’s younger brother, Parker).

There’s NOTHING like the show out there! Nope…Nothing!

HOLLYWOOD, CA – At only 9 years old, Piper Reese, the planet’s youngest entertainment reporter and podcasting “pod-igy” has interviewed almost every teen and tween in Hollywood and made a big connection with her audience!

THIS MONTH MARKS THE 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF PIPER’S PICKS TV, the turbo-charged, super-positive online entertainment show hosted by tween reporter extraordinaire Piper Reese. Since starting her show at 7 years old, Piper has done sit-down and red carpet interviews with almost every teen & tween star in Hollywood! Between Piper’s Picks and her newly launched show, Piper’s QUICK Picks, Piper has 45 episodes out and a ton on the way! 9 year old Piper Reese has a world-wide median demographic of 14 years old, one of the longest running entertainment shows by an under-18 host, and views in the millions! Piper even hears from college students having Piper’s Picks get-togethers!

Piper became a household name in the tween world even before her move from South Florida last year. She often gets stopped for pictures and autographs herself on the red carpet. With her big smile and Piperific energy, Piper has done what the corporate world often can’t; she’s made a BIG personal connection with kids! She often gets e-mails asking for advice with family and school issues! At 8 years old, Piper started reaching out to help put more smiles on more faces. She’s MC’d a holiday event for 300 severely abused children in Palm Beach; filmed a PSA for, an anti-bullying organization for kids; and covered several charities started by kids for Piper’s Picks TV. What’s next? A third series!

Piper has most recently appeared at this year’s Kids’ Choice Awards (she was spotted dancing during Rihanna’s performance), Allykatz Tween Hall Summit, Power of Youth, the 2009 Palm Beach International Film Festival, and Kids Helping Kids’ Project Haiti.

Piper’s Picks TV
e-mail: TeamPiper AT piperspicks.TV
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At only 7 years old, Piper Reese already has her own weekly show and a growing audience. It’s no surprise, there aren’t many kids talking to kids about the stuff that matters to them. You know, the important things…theme parks, toys, food, videogames, etc.

Florida – Internet “pod-igy” Piper Reese is the youngest video Podcaster on the Net! Piper may only be in second grade, but she doesn’t hold back when there’s a microphone in front of her. Now, she’s putting the talk to work on her own show, PipersPicks.TV.

Kids can find Piper’s Picks at www.PipersPicks.TV and through the Apple iTunes store (just search for PipersPicks.TV). Each episode discusses Piper’s “Pick” for the week. With a bit of facts and a bunch of personality, Piper “dishes the cheese” (the first episode covers kid-fav “Dominos Pizza”) in a way that kids like to hear it – from one of their own.

“Sometimes they put on too much sauce,” according to Piper’s critique of Dominos. TeamPiper, Piper’s production team, says “She picks the ‘Pick’ for the week, but if something’s not perfect, she lets her viewers know!. Piper calls it as she sees it.”

Lucky for Disney’s “Expedition Everest,” the ride didn’t fail to deliver! Piper’s analysis of the ride is witty, informative, and funny. If you stick around for the outtakes, you’ll even see Piper “dance with the Yeti!” She’s a tough cookie! It’ll take more than a Yeti to slow down Piper Reese and PipersPicks.TV!

PeeRee Productions
e-mail: TeamPiper AT piperspicks.TV
(Replace that “AT” above with “@” and remove spaces.)

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  1. I love your show soooo much!! How did you start this? how did you get connected with nick and disney?? I really wish I could meet you oneday!! If you can email me and tell me how you do all you do??

  2. HI,Piper i love your show i start waching it about 2 weeks ago i vist your website all the time …(:

  3. Hey Piper:) i love ur shows. u r amazing:)
    i got a ? 4 you. what is your favorite episode? bye. dont 4get to write back:)

  4. Hey Piper
    Your Show ROCKS! i love it!!!! your so funny
    Im gonna ask you a question
    How do you meet Famous People?
    Write Back PLEASE!

  5. Hi Piper,(BTW love the name) i was wondering if you could review the BFFs webcast on youtube. (thats the show my friend and i are on)Only one episode has came out but we have other funny stuff like lots of fun with rockets you have gotta check it out. I also LLLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE Jennette Mcurdy.

  6. Piper you are so talented, I was wondering where I can find the interview you had with Christine Baranski at the 14th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival Grand Gala .

  7. How did u get to start this whole and how are you easily abled to meet everyone

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