Silverwerks™ Tween & Teen Content Creator Launches From Family Behind Piper’s Picks® TV

Silverwerks expands on 15 years of high energy, sparkly content from the family behind the longest running online entertainment show for young audiences.

Los Angeles, October 27, 2022. Today, Adam Feinsilver announced the launch of “Silverwerks,” the Feinsilver family’s new brand for high-energy scripted and non-scripted content for tween and teen demographics. Silverwerks will serve as the parent brand for Piper’s Picks TV (currently in its 15th year), That’s So Sketch!, the upcoming The Sorcerer’s Den and other related projects. The official announcement was unveiled through a 50’s style “alien abduction” report on YouTube featuring the Piper’s Picks® brand being abducted by a 50’s-style Silverwerks UFO. 

Why Now

While the Silverwerks name has been considered since 2011, the timing comes as expanding content, partnerships and activities continue moving beyond the intended scope of the Pipers’ Picks brand, as white space for relatable tween content continues to grow, and as long-time host and daughter Piper Reese, who has hosted the show since 7 years old, steps back from hosting. The process has played out over several months amid planning for future content and partnership-venture discussions with Feinsilver’s writing partner and Deadtime Stories® co-executive producer, Annette Cascone.

Backstory and Uniqueness

Silverwerks™ is led by Adam Feinsilver, IP and technology attorney and creator, writer and executive producer of Piper’s Picks TV, one of the Internet’s earliest podcasts focused on young audiences and the first online entertainment Interview show. Along with high-energy, pre-tween host Piper Reese (now 22), the show quickly established itself as the golden standard and publicist go-to for celebrity Interviews. The family’s strong focus on viewers and keeping the content a reliable source for high-energy, positive content in an often-difficult world made the brand very relatable and real young Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha audiences. In a very early social-media environment, the brand built community. “This is where bigger brands have a disconnect with their young, but highly connected and increasingly-aware audiences,” according to Feinsilver. Silverwerks seeks to expand its scripted and unscripted content, while continuing the family’s signature focuses on high-energy, positivity, relatability and community.

“The Silverwerks brand expands on our 15 years of super-high-energy, content for the tween and teen sets, allowing for more directions with fun, positive and relatable, scripted and non-scripted series,” said Adam Feinsilver. “While Piper’s Picks is our series for sparkly interviews and reporting, Silverwerks is our parent brand to house everything: the shows we are pitching, TV series we’re collaborating on and all of our series from Piper’s Picks TV to That’s So Sketch! to our upcoming series!”

About Silverwerks

Silverwerks is a family-run content creator that produces high-energy, highly-relatable upbeat content for tween and teen demographics in digital and traditional media spaces. Through its Piper’s Picks® brand, Silverwerks has worked with Hot Topic, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Nostalgia Electronics, Disney, Nickelodeon, Nintendo, Dreamworks, Universal Studios, Sony, Oh Bibi, Narwal, and more.

For more information about Silverwerks and related brands, follow @Silverwerks on twitter, @PipersPicksTV on Instagram, on YouTube and Silverwerks.TV.

Media Contact:
Adam Feinsilver, Esq.
Executive Producer & Counsel
business [at] PipersPicks [dot] TV
(310) 494-6594

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