How Sofie Dossi Became a Contortionist and Aerialist from YouTube!

You can learn how to do aerial on YouTube!? Yup! Sofie Dossi is a self-taught aerialist, contortionist, hand balancer and even an AGT Golden Buzzer Contestant and Finalist…and she first learned her skills on YouTube! Oh, add to that…she’s also a MeGa-AwEsOmE YouTuber with way over 4 million subscribers! She’s got some amazing talent! (On AGT she even showed how to do archery with your feet!) We’ve interviewed a few athletes over the years on Piper’s Picks TV, but I don’t think we’ve seen anyone who can compare to Sofie. 

So, I ran into Sofie on the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards orange carpet a few months ago. We hadn’t met and didn’t really know each other, but we did get to do a quick interview. She has a lot of confidence and a lot of talent! It’s great to talk to such a strong female athlete as well as a YouTuber whose using the platform to showcase a real talent. 

Thank you so much for watching, guyz!
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