Face Cleaning, How to Fight Acne & Beauty Secrets with Cree Cicchino & Maddie Shipman

So, last September, we released another one of our MeGa-kEwL interviews with Cree Cicchino & Madisyn Shipman. To keep things moving, we saved the face cleaning, fighting off acne, beauty secrets and make-up talk for a short & sweet special beauty and skin care insider episode! Yup, you guessed it…THIS is the one! ?

Cree and Maddie always are full of energy, sparkle and shine! So, I asked them about some of their beauty secrets for keeping their skin looking so pretty. It almost always comes down to how you clean your skin (and drinking water). So, here are their on-set Game Shaker secrets. How to fight acne, keep your skin clean and stay beautiful so your face can match your sparkling personality!

BTW…We haven’t officially launched a beauty & skin care segment yet, but this is definitely something that we’d love to hear from you guys on. We think it might be kind of awesome to get some inside secrets from some of your favorite people on TV. After all, they’ve got pros helping them out on set and teaching them the latest and greatest tricks in how to keep your skin healthy.?

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