Corey Fogelmanis Talks Girl Meets World Last Episode? Maybe NOT? #SquadGoals & Disney Animation Studios

Corey Fogelmans Talks Girl Meets World Last Episode? Maybe NOT? #SquadGoals & Disney Animation Studios

Yes, it’s ToTaLLy true! All of the talk and all of the rumors? Right on track! Corey Fogelmanis actually does seem cuter every time I run into him! (Oh, that’s not where you thought this was going?) So I caught up with Corey again at the 2017 Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards and we had a-lotta-stuff to talk about! Is Girl Meets World Still in search of a new network? Yup, I asked! What Did Corey think of the Girl Meets World Last Episode? Don’t miss this one!

It all starts out with a quick look around the front of Disney Animation Studios! I’m trying out a change from always filming the intros at Piper’s Picks Planetary Headquarters! Let me know whatchya think, PIPERazzi!

#GMW Ending or New Network?
The rumors have been swirling since our episode about Girl Meets World ending. (It’s here if you haven’t seen it There have been talk and and articles about whether the show is going to show (in lieu of a synonym, we’ll stick with a bad pun) up on another channel, station, or some place where we can see more Rowan, Sabrina, Corey and Peyton since Disney Channel announced that Girl Meets World was cancelled! How can that even happen? We like…know Riley and Maya! They can’t just disapparate from our lives! The most popular show in kids’ entertainment is ending after only three seasons! Can it? (See that link above.)

We Have History?
So, I had some questions about what’s happening! After all, I’ve been interviewing Corey since the show started (does that mean we have history?)…and Rowan since years before! Here are two flashback Corey Fogelmanis episodes:

1st interview with Corey Fogelmanis:
2nd interview with Corey:

What It’s All About
I asked Corey if the show is still being shopped to other places, who’s cooler between Sabrina and Rowan (I keep trying), about the end of #GMW, and about his freaky new movie, #SquadGoals. It’s always fun to catch up with Corey! Just a nice guy and one of our favorite characters on TV too. Check it out!?

(Oh, that picture of Michael Jacobs…it comes from Wikipedia and was uploaded there by Michael himself (or a poser)! He likes to get attribution for his picture.)

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