Riele Downs & Cree Cicchino Talk Valentines, Henry Danger & Game Shakers

Riele Downs & Cree Cicchino Talk Valentines, Henry Danger & Game Shakers

Yeah Baby! We’ve got Riele Downs and Cree Cicchino here to tell YOU what their plans were for Valentines Day (was Jace Norman involved? The world may never know) and update you guys on the upcoming seasons of Henry Danger and Game Shakers! Find out how Charlotte and Babe changed their style…and stayed the same. But, there’s more!

We’re flashing back to an unseen interview on the set of Henry Danger with Riele from season one! What was she thinking back then? What was Piper doing with her hair back then? Fascinating answers await all who tune in! It’s right there…on set! ?

Background info:
Piper Reese (imdb) is a high-energy and down-2-Earth 16 year old MPAA accredited show host, professional actor and millennial/genZ Internet personality. She has conducted over 800 interviews with endless A-list and high-profile celebrities, producers, studio heads, directors, and recording artists. Piper covers premieres, large scale events, and on-set publicity for every major studio in Hollywood.

As an actress, Piper Reese is best known as Nancy Patanski (recurring turned – lead) in the Nickelodeon/cITV show Deadtime Stories. She has also performed lead roles in multiple stage productions including Green Day’s musical American Idiot.

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