STAR WARS The Force Awakens NO Spoiler Review and FRANK OZ Interview

STAR WARS The Force Awakens NO Spoiler Review & FRANK OZ Interview (Seriously SPOILER FREE)

OMG!!! STAR WARS The Force Awakens is HERE!!! We JUST got back from a special press screening at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank! It was soooo awesome! OK, we PROMISE no spoilers! On top of that…we’ve been holding an interview we’re SO excited to share with you! It’s with FRANK OZ! Mr. Oz is the voice behind Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Animal, Grover…and, of course, YODA!

After interviewing Mr. Oz, we went back through the interview and realized how much time and thought Mr. Oz put into his answers. He spoke with me about his philosophy on voicing characters and how seriously he takes his work that has brought so much AwEsOmEnEsS to so many shows and movies!

We also met Mr. Oz’s amazing and pretty wife and very well known performance coach, Victoria Labalme! Mrs. Labalme actually came up to me before I spoke with Mr. Oz and interviewed ME on the red carpet! You might be able to catch that soon also!

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