OHHHHH….Who lives in a pineapple under the sea??? HoLy PiPeRoNi! It’s the legendary TOM KENNY!! Princess of the Press™ PIPER REESE caught up with SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS’ human alter-ego / POWERPUFF GIRLS MAYOR TOM KENNY recently while he was doing what he does best, making kids SMILE! You know that we know that you know SMILES are what we’re all about! What a ToTaLLy PiPeRiFiC-major sea sponge TOM is! Wait ’til ya see…or hear…what other voices he does!

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341 Comments on “PQP #097: SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS Voice TOM KENNY BEST DAY EVER for an Interview!”

  1. im watching adventure time right now and clapping and laughing like a little girl watching this wonderfull man doing the voices… im a 22 year old man

  2. your welcome, it’s so true, looking forward to your next interview with Tom! I would love to meet Tom he is my hero!!! 🙂

  3. I always play the same interviews over and over because I love Piper’s interview, they are so funny. Your amazing Piper, big fan!! 🙂

  4. ToTaLLy PiPeRiFiC feedback!!!! Thank you VERY much, Josh!!! We’re exporting a HUGE new episode right now! Hope you like it!

  5. THIS GIRLS AWESOME! She’s really well spoken and articulate she’s got a well written future in this!

  6. Too bad I can’t go to comic con this year. I would have cried tears of joy upon seeing Kenny.

  7. Yes! It’s always fun to interview Tom! There’s a 2nd one in our Piper’s Quick Picks playlist and a 3rd one on the way!

  8. He’s in almost ALL of them! 🙂 We’ve interviewed a few other cartoon voices – you might like the Tara Strong interview.

  9. Hi Sylvia! It’s just “Piper” (hehe – there’s only one). We actually have another interview with Tom coming soon! It will be the 3rd. Thank you so much for watching & hi to your lil’ brother!

  10. hi pipers if you see spongbob again tell him I said my baby brother luv’s him a lot

  11. If you listen closely to spongebob in the navy reuinion episode, when he imitates mr crabs he sounds nearly the same as ice king.lol voice actors

  12. You might want to check out our 2nd interview with Tom where he talks about that rumor!

  13. I think he’s just been doing it for soooo long! Pretty awesome, isn’t it! Check out the interview with Jim Cummings. He bounces back and forth between Tigger, Pooh and a bunch of others!

  14. Haha! That’s awesome. Make sure you catch the 2nd interview with Tom too…and watch for another coming very soon 😉

  15. When he did the Ice King voice, i started screaming like how girls screamed at the beatles. I LOVE Ice King!

  16. oh lol i can’t believe i did not notice well i tom ken and a y lol and yeah it would have been

  17. Whoa! Actually, just looked it up – that’s That’s Tom KennEY, not Tom KennY 🙂 That would have been really awesome to ask him about!

  18. lol i was watching the first episode of Pokemon for some reason and i found out Tom Kenny was one of the executive producers i am now just figuring this out took me like what 13 years

  19. Hehe! Thank you for the awesome complement! Hope nobody’s betting against that!

  20. I’ve never been to Universal, though the Simpsons ride looks pretty cool

  21. Ha! Sounds like an awesome ride for a slightly older kid. Have you tried Spiderman at Islands of Adventure or The Simpsons Universal? They’re both pretty intense 3D rides! ~TeamPiper

  22. Well to make a long story short, I went to King’s Island as a little kid, and I had an extreme phobia of 3D rides and movies as a kid since I went to Disney World. But I was also afraid of that ride because…well as TV Tropes put it “we were not protected by the fourth wall”

  23. I love Tom Kenny. But man, that Spongebob 3D ride scarred me for life. I mean holy crap!!!!

  24. Hehe…we were at a live event. Someone must have been doing a cover at the time.

  25. Is this rumor still going around??? Check out our other interview with Tom where we ask about it.

  26. Oh god no… I’ve been watching too much adventure time and now whenever I hear spongebob I just think of the ice king 🙁

  27. Aweeee…thank you so much for watching and writing! Tom Kenny is really awesome. There’s another interview we have with him! Check it out!

  28. my dad used to watch this at 11 and im 10 and i still watch it. Who u callin pinhead is my fave. actually i have no fave their all good. and piper, your one lucky girl

  29. Totally! You might like the other interview we have with Tom also. There’s also one in the Piper’s QUICK Picks playlist with Jim Cummings. He’s another great voice actor.

  30. sence you still watch The PowerPuff Girls in case you didn’t notice if you never met E.G Daily she did an AWESOME voice of Buttercup.

  31. HA!!! TOOOOTALLY missed that! 🙂 You’d be surprised about some of the comments we get (ie. “Did you meet him?”)

  32. Hey, I also heard you did Magic Man from Adventure Time too, am I right?

  33. Hmmm…could be your speakers. It’s balanced correctly and nobody has mentioned it in over 160 episodes.

  34. I wonder if there’s any time of any day when there aren’t tons of people watching Spongebob! Thanx 4 writing!

  35. first il ked this but tha disliked because i saw your name… faith in younger generation lost…

  36. lol im talking about the very beginning. were it says (magnify) it pointed to china… ahhh forget it

  37. Check out the interviews with some other voices you’ll know – Dan and Swampy from Phineas & Ferb, Jim Cummings (Pooh, Tigger, Fuzzy Lumpkins, etc), Vincent Martella (Phineas) and more!

  38. [..YouTube..] Check out the interviews with some other voices you’ll know – Dan and Swampy from Phineas & Ferb, Jim Cummings (Pooh, Tigger, Fuzzy Lumpkins, etc), Vincent Martella (Phineas) and more!

  39. the voice of spongebob and ice king! awesome…! also that clown in teen titans, what is his name… oh yeah, mumbo jumbo

  40. Thank you so much! …and INCLUDING Phineas and Ferb??? P&F is so totally awesome!

  41. You should interview the creator of Regular Show! Its one of my favorite shows including Phineas & Ferb! btw I really liked your interview with Dan & Swampy ;D

  42. [..YouTube..] You should interview the creator of Regular Show! Its one of my favorite shows including Phineas & Ferb! btw I really liked your interview with Dan & Swampy ;D

  43. [..YouTube..] Tom Kenny, you’re my hero!!!! I know someday it will come, but I still hope the show “SpongeBob Square Pants” never ends! 😉 I’ll cry an ocean the day it does.

  44. [..YouTube..] DID YOU SAY ICE KING?!?**clears throat**GUNTER, why did you gunt my fries? I gunted them and they where mine.. What kind of gunt gunts his gunters fries? And doesn’t even gunt them in the eyes? Gunter there were tears there.. If I gunted them would you even care? GUNTER DO YOU EVEN LOVE ME?!?Gunter: RAWR!That was retorical gunter….*********************SCENE*********************what do you think? I’m pretty good huh? 🙂

  45. [..YouTube..] And by the way Tom Kenny isn’t dead the Google people accidentaly messed up when they were putting his wiki on there. He is okay!

  46. [..YouTube..] Can Tom Kenny come to my school? I have watched spongebob my whole life and I grew up with it. I am 11 years old and no day goes by when I don’t watch spongebob. I can resite every episode ever made. Please come Tom Kenny!

  47. [..YouTube..] @Vanessa Reda That show is one of his more obscure roles, even though it has Tara Strong, Grey Delisle, Jeff Bennett, and this guy all as lead roles. You’d think it would have been more popular with such a great cast.

  48. [..YouTube..] I was watching spongebob and I go ” I wonder how they would make spongebobs voice if the guy died .” and then when I heard he was dead I was like oh my g….Good thing he is alive 😀

  49. [..YouTube..] That’s amazing! I LOVE Tom Kenny, he made my childhood amazing :). I’m 16 now and STILL watch Spongebob, never missed an episode lol

  50. [..YouTube..] Ok so he does voice overs for two of my all time fav cartoons spongebob and the powerpuff girls….hes THEE best ever!!!’I loveeee his sense of humor…!!!:)

  51. [..YouTube..] ONLY TOM KENNY ANSWER THIStom spongebob squarepants is my favortie show ever! i watched every episode i know i looked on wikiepedia i watched everyone keep making more I <3 SPONGEBOB

  52. [..YouTube..] Thank YOU for watching & writing! Tom was really nice! Check for our interview with Jim Cummings (voice of Pooh, Tigger, Eggman, Fuzzy Lumpkins, etc)!

  53. [..YouTube..] Thx for uploading this! I have always always always wanted to here Tom Kenny’s real voice. 🙂 Tom and SpongeBob FOREVER!!!! XD

  54. [..YouTube..] I had no idea that Tom Kenny did ALL those voices!! Great interview Piper! I love coming to your channel, you always have some interesting people to interview. Is it hard to get in touch with such a varied group?

  55. [..YouTube..] YES! Jim Cummings does Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Fuzzy Lumpkins from the PowerPuff Girls and a bunch of other characters. 🙂

  56. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea??? THIS GUY! It’s SpongeBob himself (and the Mayor of Townsville, the Ice King, and more voices you’ll know!)SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS Voice TOM KENNY BEST DAY EVER for an Interview with PIPER REESE! (PQP #097)

  57. [..YouTube..] I will do that! Thank you :)Are you actually Piper? I would love to talk more with you about Tom! I know this sounds annoying, and may look like spam, but if you could spare a minute to check out our Youtube channel, we’d really appreciate it. It’s a huge fan base dedicated to Tom Kenny! I’ve also added you on Twitter!

  58. [..YouTube..] Haha! Make sure you saw the one with Jim Cummings too, Beth! He is REALLY good with switching from one character to the other also.

  59. [..YouTube..] YES! He was in Phineas and Ferb! Don’t miss Piper’s interviews with the cast & creators of P&F too! We talked to Kenny about that b4 the interview.

  60. [..YouTube..] Thank you so much! Check out the other interviews – we’ve got about 150 of them between the two series from the past 4 years 🙂

  61. [..YouTube..] This is such a sweet interview. The little girl seems more on the ball than most of the adults I’ve seen interviewing Tom! He always answers so honestly and humourously.

  62. [..YouTube..] Wan’t he in Phineas and Ferb too? I think he plays Rodney, u know that evil scientist with the weird head? I think that’s him…

  63. [..YouTube..] Well idk it’s confusing haha.But I don’t watch sponge bob anymore.Summer for me in 3 more days!Im graduating from 5th grade in 2Days!Whens your summer starting?

  64. [..YouTube..] Oh well this guy he came to our school and he was the voice of sponge bob that’s what he said or a rumor but he looked WAAYY different!He has elvis hair

  65. [..YouTube..] I love the power puff girls and spongebob squarepants!!! I had an obsession for power puff girls when I was little!!!

  66. [..YouTube..] Piper, you’ve matured a lot! You’re much better at paying attention to the person you’re interviewing! Nice job. 🙂

  67. [..YouTube..] i know allot of adults that watch spongebob including my 70 year old dad he just loves watching it and he got in to it watching it with my daughter now he watches even when she not at there house

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