David Henrie Interview Jennifer Stone Wizards w Youngest Red Carpet Reporter Piper Reese! (PQP 008)

Tween Hollywood Celebrity Reporter Piper Reese in one of the quirkiest Piper’s Quick Picks yet! Piper totally wasn’t expecting to talk to David Henrie! Also…Jennifer Stone! Jennifer is so sweet…and so smart! Check it out y’all!

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117 Comments on “David Henrie Interview Jennifer Stone Wizards w Youngest Red Carpet Reporter Piper Reese! (PQP 008)”

  1. Hehe…none taken…we didn’t produce it 🙂 Did you like Alex vs. Alex?

  2. when Jennifer says “you are just the cutest” it sounds ridiculously like Jennifer aniston!

  3. Yup! There’s another Piper’s QUICK Picks from this event with Booboo and Fivel.

  4. Hey Piper even if I’m already 15 i luv your vids its so cool that you are doing these interviews!! But how can u meet all these stars? 🙂

  5. Well – a lot of work goes in to doing really good shows, but meeting new people (famous or not) is great! Thanx for watching!

  6. David and Jennifer were so sweet with Piper/anybody out there like to see Justin and Harper get together?

  7. [..YouTube..] @AlenaAndMarie Jennifer is very talented, smart and pretty! 🙂 We’ve interviewed a few people who have said very nice things about her too!

  8. [..YouTube..] i like jennifer. she’s so nice 🙂 I hate it, when people only like stars, who are (too) small and totally beautiful. Jennifer is pretty and nice too, i can’t understand, why nobody’s talking about her.

  9. @stardream97 Pretty tall – not strangely tall or anything 🙂 He tweeted something about that comment after we posted the interview. Hehe

  10. @xoxFashiionxox Yup! The interview with BooBoo & Fivel from this event is in our Piper’s QUICK Picks playlist too!

  11. aww, you’re so lucky. i wanna meet them. they were so sweet. 🙂 and you could tell they liked you. 🙂

  12. @FancyxSweet I know that little girl was like “I saw you on sonny with a chance”….oops…lol she’s cute!

  13. This is totally hilarious. I love David in this one, he’s like ‘Thanks, I like that compliment of being tall!’ and ‘I made a funny’ haha Piper you just make all the cellebs melt for how cute you are! :)) Awesome interview

  14. “What would you like to ask me, Sweetie pie” Awwwwww. I melted on that one. :))) David’s soooo cute

  15. OMG! Jennifer Stone said you’re adorable! That’s so cool! And David said sweetie pie! OMG! I am so jealous! But I still LOVE your show! And I still think you’re cute! Xx

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