BELLA THORNE INTERVIEW Pre-Disney w the Only Professional Kid Reporter PIPER REESE (PipersPicks 036)

Super-cool Top Tween Reporter Piper Reese sits down with the beautiful Bella Thorne! Bella’s worked with Taylor Lautner, Cody Linley, and some of the biggest names in Hollywood! Try Donald Sutherland…Christian Slater…Judd Nelson! Yeah, baby! Bella was nominated for a Young Artist Award for her incredible work on The O.C. too! Yay! Even Remy, Kaili, Dani & Voodoo get pulled into the mix on this one! Check it out, yo!!

Bella’s Twitter: Bella’s Twitter

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100 Comments on “BELLA THORNE INTERVIEW Pre-Disney w the Only Professional Kid Reporter PIPER REESE (PipersPicks 036)”

  1. Haha…yup, shows 2 years ago above. It’s a great one. We have about 4 more recent interviews with Bella online too! 🙂

  2. [..YouTube..] @Breeamae Yup! We have a 3 Piper’s QUICK Picks with Bella – the latest one is is about Shake It Up (just go to our YouTube page and click on the Piper’s QUICK Picks playlist). There’s also an interview with Dani Thorne on our 2nd channel, WhatUpPiper (it’s a vlog) – Bella appears in that! More soon!

  3. he!!!!!! homeschool girl in the house!!!
    anyway bella seems really nice
    u should talk about the parent trap or meet dave or haunted mansion

  4. Hey, Piper. I’m Hannah. It’s SO COOL that you have your own website. How about you make an episode about Aliens in the Attic I just saw it and it was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hi piper, love your videos, how old are you now? my favourite video was the dominoes pizza one and the allisyn ashley arm one. looking at you on your first one and your latest one, you looked so little on the dominoes one, you have grown loads!

  6. Hey Piper!!!!!! Bella seems really nice, and so do you! Remember me? I have your first ever fansite!!! Can I ask you some questions? you can e-mail me! Bye!
    your biggest fan,
    Sami 🙂

  7. hey piper that is one of your best video’s yet! oh by the way you no who you should interview ….. the jonas brothers!or demi lavato!

  8. wow – interview really awesome – LOVE the outtakes!
    Love Aunt Pat
    Good luck with your incredible future in Hollywood.

  9. I can’t believe you are going to Hollywood – so excited for you and your family.
    Love Aunt Pat

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