ARIA WALLACE Interview Part 2 MANDY from iCARLY and ROXY HUNTER with PIPER REESE! (PipersPicks #028)

Kid’s Entertainment Reporter Piper Reese and the awesome Aria Wallace talk iCarly, Aria’s Music, Daylia, and just how to do an English accent! Yup, it’s part 2 of the 2-parter, partner! Check it out…after you check out part one! The extended version is right here and iTunes…more singing…more talking…and even some dancing!

Aria’s links: Official Site!, Aria’s YouTube Page, Aria’s Fansite, Aria’s MySpace

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22 Comments on “ARIA WALLACE Interview Part 2 MANDY from iCARLY and ROXY HUNTER with PIPER REESE! (PipersPicks #028)”

  1. If we can, we will! You might want to check out the interviews with Bella Thorne under Piper’s Picks and the Piper’s QUICK Picks links! She’s mentioned Taylor since she worked with him! Thanx so much!

  2. hi piper,
    I LOVE your show can you get talor lautner to be on your show and tell him i say that i am his biggest fan if you could i would loveyou for ever.
    From Emma,

  3. Hey PiperTeam!!!! I love love looooove the slideshow thing of them in claires and the restaurant! (i love claires!) And I loved loved looooved your pictures. It made me want to be you, cause it looked like you were having a very good time! I wish I could spend time with Aria Wallace like that. you, me, and Aria have a lot in common!! 🙂 If we all knew each other, “we could be like the 3 musketeers. But females.” -Stacey Dillson, Zoey 101, “Goodbye, Zoey.”

    Bye, Piper. You should do Zoey 101, even though it has been canceled and you could watch it on The N!!! 🙂
    love ya

  4. i guess when she says ‘next year’ it means 2009?
    it was filmed in 2008 but posted in 2009 so it’s kinda confusing.

  5. Hi, piper your soooooo cute ohh! my little sister just got in the host recovered from getting ran over by a go cart…..
    and she really loves your shows and You should talk about the show Brett Gets Upset (Its on youtube..)

    Well love ya vids (My sista’s name is Mia) (Me-a)

  6. Oh, yeah, I agree with Sara, doing Hotel for dogs would be amazing! It is a really awesome movie, PLEASE consider it!!!!!

  7. Hey Piper!!!!!!!!!!! You rocked, again!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s so amazing how a normal kid like you can put togeather an awesome web show like this!!!!!!!!!! It’s really inspiring!!!!!!!!!! Maybe you can do a pick on the new move, Hotel for Dogs!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi Piper!I think it is cool how you have your own website.How did you get it all together?I also think it cool how you are 8 years old and have a webshow.

  9. Wow! Piper you are soo cute i love you and Aria’s vocies. I can’t wait to watch more of your episodes! 😀

  10. OMG! Aria is so nice!!! And she is right you need to watch chronicles of narnia that movie is the best :D…
    Also you should do a episode about it, would be awesome…
    I loved the singing part was so great, and the accent really funny…
    Cant wait to see episode #29 🙂

  11. Great part two! Aria seems like a great person and Piper was sure lucky to get to meet her. Loved the duets!! Can’t wait to se what #29 will be.

  12. OMG!!! I love to do english accents! I also loooooooooove harry potter! 😛 Woah, Aria is an awesome singer!!! Same with Piper 🙂 Keep being ahhh-mazing, Piper’s Picks!!

  13. Once again, Piper and Aria are so cute and wonderful together! They sing nicely together. I love the shot at the end of Piper and Aria walking away…it reminds me of the final shot of “Casablanca.” And, as Bogie himself says, I think this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship!

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