PipersPicksTV #026: Twilight!!

After getting tons of request to cover Twilight, kid’s entertainment reporter Piper Reese takes on a PG-13 movie…Piper style, baby! Piper casts sunlight on Twilight, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, & Taylor Lautner! A little attitude…a lotta info!

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165 Comments on “PipersPicksTV #026: Twilight!!”

  1. Haha Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers if peter piper picks a peck of pickled peppers how many pickled peppers will Peter piper pick

  2. That would be awesome!! We’ve never seen Ross at any Disney premieres or other events. Hopefully we’ll run into him soon – with or without Laura! 🙂

  3. [..YouTube..] That would be awesome!! We’ve never seen Ross at any Disney premieres or other events. Hopefully we’ll run into him soon – with or without Laura! 🙂

  4. can you please interview Ross Lynch and Laura Marano together?? please I want to see what happens?? please and your so adorable!

  5. nope my name is karis my account used to be my dads but my dad gave it to me and why? and no problem and i’m also following you on instragram i’m @lol94karis 🙂

  6. [..YouTube..] nope my name is karis my account used to be my dads but my dad gave it to me and why? and no problem and i’m also following you on instragram i’m @lol94karis 🙂

  7. Thank you so much! Check out some of our NEW episodes – latest are interviews with Selena Gomez, Mandy Teefey, John Lasseter, etc. 🙂

  8. LOOL! Our 2008 TWILIGHT @PipersPicksTV is getting new views! KRISTEN STEWART Bella vs. Belle, EDWARD=Stranger danger?

  9. [..YouTube..] Oh you crack me up. It’s 2012, Kristen Stewart has just cheated, and this is the funniest thing I’ve seen about the whole thing. You’re just plain a whole lot more entertaining than Twilight.

  10. [..YouTube..] Thank goodness because clevvertv gossips and thinks Twilight is better than Harry Potter. They also make movies they show trailers to look weird. Since you are a fan of Harry Potter, I heard there’s a music video Emma Watson Cameos in.

  11. [..YouTube..] @PipersPicksTV Thank goodness because clevvertv gossips and thinks Twilight is better than Harry Potter. They also make movies they show trailers to look weird. Since you are a fan of Harry Potter, I heard there’s a music video Emma Watson Cameos in.

  12. [..YouTube..] @PipersPicksTV Finally, someone(you’re somebody) already knew that Robert Pattinson was in Harry Potter before Twilight instead of the other way around.

  13. piper you are a sweet adorable kid some of my friends think you are sort of weird well all of the boys I’m friends with but you are more cooler than those boys each day I watch you’re videos they are getting better and better each day I cry of joy but one quick question, do you want to be Taylor’s sister.

    Sincerly yours,Elana

  14. @flashgirl77 Thank you SO much! check out Piper’s Picks #036 with Allisyn Ashley Arm – there’s a lot about Sonny with a Chance in that one!

  15. hey girl i loved mention my name next time its Kelly but make nd make sure u say Kelly of of piperspicks.tv sike i loved it though still mentioon my name lol thnx alot girl keep working hard on ur achievements

  16. hey girl loved it mention my name Kelly nd u have to say Kelly of my website piperspicks.tv so they can know lol loved it though thnx alot

  17. when she said welcome to the riley’s I was like uh-oh.. good thing she doesn’t know what it’s about..

  18. Yeah, pick something she can see. My eight year old brother, I’m not even allowed to talk about Twilight around him! Although, she did a good job for being only eight years old. And 9…10…11… she might be old enough to see “Breaking Dawn” when it comes out on DVD… On second thought, never mind, I’m 14 years old and I’m not allowed to even read part of “Breaking Dawn” until 2010, which isn’t that far. Yay!

  19. You know what I’m sayin’ dude?? LOL I love you piper!! You should so do an interview on hannah montana. you would be a cute little hannah with your blonde hair (: Haha. cute little girl <3

  20. Hey Piper its me emily you met me at sears Cool website i love twilight have you seen the movie yet? You are one cool girl and im jelous but what the heck. why wine this is a commet so… YOU ARE AWSOME!!!! Did you just do a report on them or did you get to meet the cast of twilight? Like i said before you rock and since you were 8… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! because your 9 now right? Anyways email me at MeandM [at] verizon [dot] net. your shows rock! See Ya

  21. Hi piper i love your show i have all your episodes on my ipod and i cant wait for the next one

    Clodagh irish chick

  22. soory, i made it sound like it was all about me…really piper you are amazing and don’t forget to not get caught in fame sweetheart…by the way…if you use me in a webshow..please mention that i love my boyfriend jacob rhodes…hes amazing..love ya piper!! PEACE!!

  23. Hey Piper,
    My name is Camrin. I loved the video!! You are one lucky little 8 year-old!! I would only dream of being on my own little web show that is so very popular. I love to sing and i’m climbing the ladder of success by singing at my local fairs ,and recording demos. You are a very pretty little girl! Oh and did i mention im only 11 years of age. Keep on keeping on Piper!!
    Pipers-wanna-be, Camrin Nabors

  24. You know i’ve really gotten used to your vids. i think i might subscribe 🙂 your an awesome 8 year old.

  25. you could be Renesmee in Breaking Dawn (4th Twilight book) you would be like 10 when if they are going to film it they are not 100% sure but if they do try and go for the role of Renesmee

  26. you guys should make a video, that makes fun of teen celebrities, like vanessa hudgens..etc. it would be funny.

  27. you are insanely adorable….. i trully enjoyed your words and thoughts on twilight. you are the smartest 8 yr old i know! i wish you the best in the world, just dont ever change, because you have something that very few of us have in this world and that is angel… what i mean by that is that you have an aura that glows with positive energy…. i know you will make it far….god bless xoxoxox cyndi moon

  28. Here’s a shout-out to Piper! HI PIPER!!!!! You are so cute! (In a little-kid sort of way – don’t get me wrong, I’m a girl!)

    Honestly, you really should do either an “American Idol” episode OR – better yet – do a Fred Figglehorn, YouTube Sensation episode! His channel is the most subscribed on YouTube, and here he is below. Watch…..his…….show. Just do it, girl! ROTFL!


    Trust me, you’ll LOVE the chipmunk voice he does! Oh by the way, GREAT Twilight episode! I haven’t seen it yet, but my friends can’t stop talking about it! Peace out, Piper!

  29. Ok i would think a 8 yr old could see this i am 11 and i disaprove of what pipper said twlight is the BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN (NOT JOKIN)

  30. Hey Piper! You are so awesome! Cool website. Thanks so much for leaving comments on my video and comments on my channel! I couldn’t thank you enough. I will do all I can to support you guys! You are so awesome!! I am your biggest fan!

  31. HEY i was so happy that you added in some facts about Harry Potter it made me so happy its my favorite movie Harry Potter and twilight. I love the shows and how you are such a lucky girl to meet all of the starts so keep on making more episodes

  32. Hey, thanks for the write back. It’d be nice fr a shout-out if that’s okay! (My names Amy, obviously) Also I didn’t know if I should write back on a different episode, so I just commented back on this 1. Well, I liked the new episode! You’re probably having an awesome time in Hollywood. Haha! Okay, Bye!!


  33. Hey, loved this episode. You should make these more often. :] Nice and Awesome Job! Please make a shout-out! But, hun, New Moon is coming out in 2009, November. Syched to see more webisodes. You’re very cute. AND Now….You’re IN HOLLYWOOD! Congratz. Well, gotta go watch more webisodes, bye!

  34. Hi I didn’t know they were making the move New Moon until now and I LOVED Twilight so now I am syched to go to see New Moon in 2010 (too bad its loooong away from now) But Nice Job :] Make More…Your very cute.

  35. Hey Piper. you were aweome. Thank you I was going to read the book. I haven’t read it yet but Iamgoing to start soon. Now I know what it is about. Kyle :]

  36. Hi, Piper! It is me, Emily, from Youtube! I loved this episode– I haven;t even read Twilight and it was a really nice way to give me an idea of it!
    I was wondering, could you give me a shoutout in the next episode? That would be awesome!
    Keep being awesome:


  38. great web show on twilight maybe u should read the books they r almost a good as the movies please say my name in the next web show u r such a little cutie


  39. Hi Piper!!!!!!! You Rock! Thank’s so much for doing this pick!!!! Happy new year!!!!! Also, I have a few idea’s for a future pick. How about Hershy park? Or the Wii?

  40. Hey piper! You’re really a cute little girl! I think it’s sooo cool you do a webshow at the age 8, right? WOW! I’m jealous! I actually found out who you were from the youtube video when you were on a disney cruise with jannet mccurdy!! From iCarly!!!!!! Dude you’re soo lucky! I love her! Cool…..

    Hey can you mention MY name in the next show you do! thanks! XOXO!!! <3


    IZZY! and CECE!

  41. you did a good report on tiwlight you were almost accuret but it would have been cooler if you did a clip of the movie like a trailor. you should have done an entire portion on jasper hale you mentioned nothign about him! you should do a report on marley and me and bedtime stories okay well your so cool we wanna be just like you =] lol jk but you are cute. and we love you<3333333333

  42. this is my first time watching your show and you rock! i love how you make your show like a news report. you cover all the details that no one bothers to find out and they get so suprised when you tell them. one quick question though, do you just do your show with your famaly or with a bounch producers? just a curoosity. love your show!!!you ROCK!!!!!!!!

  43. OMG!!!..

    another awesome eppy from Piper!!…

    and once again,, i loved it!!>..

    thanks sooo much for puttng this up…i was really looking forward to it …


  44. Fabulous episode. Funny, creative and Piper was incredible with all her lines. Hmmmm-have a funny feeling that Piper might get a sneak look at Twilight when it finally makes it to a rental(after all-it just needs “parental guidance”. AND-who can resist adorable Piper?
    Darci is hiding-got nervous as soon as she heard about vampires.

    Great job-great episode. Can’t wait to see what’s next.Happy holidays to Piper, Team Piper, and all of Piper’s fans.

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